Our Travel Concierge Program is the perfect solution for wide array of professional and executive travelers....but it is not for everybody. The core of this program reflects a shift in how the customer is serviced before, during and after their travel event.

Why Us

As business trips go, the hour-long flight from Minneapolis to Michigan was simple enough – until a late-winter snowstorm began delaying takeoffs. Avant Garde keeps track of weather, so they can help clients such as the Michigan-bound travelers, who learned of their flight delay when they were called at home, before they had left for the airport.

Once a flight is booked, Avant Garde Personalized Travel monitors seat assignments and looks for possible upgrades. They keep track of inventory, advise and even check passengers in for flights, so that they can get first class upgrades or get priority listing on the first class standby list.


With horror stories abounding about travelers getting stuck for hours on planes idling at the gate or on the runway, three executives from a small Minneapolis-based technology firm were relieved that, when faced with a one-hour delay, the pilot let passengers disembark. The trio went to a restaurant on the concourse to grab a bite, but when they went back to the gate, the plane was already gone. Avant Garde Personalized Travel offered options and quickly booked a corporate jet for them without mishap, and they were relieved they’d be able to make a critical meeting.

A typhoon approaching the departure city of Shanghai, China for two of Avant Garde Personalized Travel’s clients was not on the radar when they left the United States a week earlier. Avant Garde provides service and support to clients 24x7 worldwide, and kept the clients informed over the course of two days, with the flight beating the weather by a couple of hours and the clients departed on schedule and on originally booked flights…very relieved.

Avant Garde Personalized Travel’s road warrior clients are faced with aircraft flying full, flight delays and cancellations nearing all-time highs. Avant Garde proactively advises clients of delays, cancellations and options in order to keep the client, and suppliers, informed so that the car rentals and hotels are available for the client when they arrive at their destination.